The Hipster Fair 2016 -1 #68 Ghee

Ghee is proud to sponsor The Hipster Fair 2016 with the release of a fresh new collection of mix and match casual clothing and accessories to take you from late Winter into Spring in style.

Ghee Floral Burst Laced Shorts with HUD 
Ghee Peach Flop Top with HUD
Ghee Peach Thigh Socks 
Ghee Taupe Buckle Heels (Slink/Belleza/TMP)

Ghee Taupe Buckle Heels  with HUD (Slink/Belleza/TMP) 
Ghee Falon Leather Skirt AZURE BAG 
Ghee Nola Sweater LATTE BAG 

Ghee Daffodil Laced Shorts with HUD 
Ghee Antique Heathered Knit Sleevless Bodysuit
Ghee Daffodil Thigh Socks
Ghee Taupe Leather Buckle Booties with HUD (Slink/Belleza/TMP) 
Ghee Hipster Scarf LATTE BAG 

Ghee Falon Leather Skirt GRAY
Ghee Hipster Scarf FIESTA
Ghee Nola Sweater PEACH
Ghee Zooey Pumps LATTE (Slink/Belleza/TMP)

The Hipster Fair 2016                                                  
Hipster & Indie Fashion Style 

February March 07 2016

There will be a landing point set at the event.  The Ghee store is visible from the landing point, so allow some time to rezz when you arrive!

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